Hemp Healing Balm

Hemp Healing Balm

Made with organic hemp seed oil and a blend of healing oils and
butters, our Hemp Healing Balm is a boon for your pet's skin troubles.

    Happy Puppy's Healing Hemp Balm is a natural topical treatment for rashes, abrasions, inflamed and dry, itchy and irritated skin. It is packed with a healing blend of ingredients that are antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, and prevents and heals infections to speed recovery. It creates a nourishing barrier to block contamination while deeply healing and soothing affected areas. A pup-aid-kit essential! Best of all it can be used for any pet - cat, dog, equines, humans, and cows too!


    Treats and Heals: 

    Acne, rashes, skin irritations 

    Hot spots, yeast & fungal infections 

    Dry, flaky and itchy skin 

    Allergy symptoms 

    Post surgery treatment 

    Reduces scarring 

    Soothing discomfort 

    Inflamed bug bites 

    Interdigital cysts 

    Lick granuloma